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Dunlop Process has become the most preferred technology to manufacture 100 pure natural latex mattresses as the process is environmental-friendly and no toxic chemicals are emitted during production. All our natural latex foam products are manufactured through the Dunlop process.
Compound latex is frothed and filled into molds and vulcanized at lower temperature. Each mattress is made individually in molds for the size of the product. The gravity and natural sedimentation makes the firmness gradient from bottom to top, enhancing back support firmness and luxury comfort of 100% natural latex mattress.
      Process Stages :
     Compounding :
  Milky sap is mixed with processing chemicals in stages.
     Foaming and Vulcanizing :
  Molds are filled with compounded latex and heat is applied to cure the foam, allowing latex monomers bonding together to make Latex polymer in mattress blocks or in pillows.
     Washing :
  Once the mattress and pillows are solidified, they are stripped off the moulds and washed. This removes the soap residues and other chemicals and enhances product durability.
     Drying :
  The mattress core or pillow is slowly run on a conveyor belt through the dryer which evaporates all the water. The continuous driver has a capacity of drying around 40-50 containers per month.
     Quality Testing :
  All products are tested for hardness and density, deploying hardness testers and density meters. Items are also hand-inspected for visual and physical defects, timed and individually weighed to ensure that exact specifications are met.
     Fabrication, Packing and Delivery :
  Cores are cut as per customer requirements to obtain pin core sheets, convoluted sheets etc.
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